Saturday, April 21, 2012

Guild War

How to create a Guild -Go to Elim and speak with the NPC Knight Lionel. -Lionel will give a list of options. Choose the first option which is "I want to make a guild". -Lionel then asks if one is willing to pass his test to create a guild. Choose: -"Accept" -"I'll think about it..." -When the player chooses "Accept", he will receive a guild test certificate in the inventory from Lionel. -After that, Lionel will give the player several options to pick from. Choose the second option which is "I would like to take the guild test." -Lionel will explain all the rules and regulations about the guild test and asks if the player is ready. To confirm, pick the first option which is "I am ready!". -About the guild test -The player may not bring healing items that heals more than 300 HP/AP. -The player can party with friends (must be within the level range) to do the test together. -Level range of monsters: 10 levels, i.e. 30~39, 40~49, 50~59, etc. -Once The player confirms the choice, Lionel will teleport the player to a place with 4 to 5 monster of the same type. The monsters are dependent on the player's level. The guild test's objective is to kill the monsters within the area until one receive a certificate which will be shown in the inventory. -Return to Knight Lionel with the certificate and a guild can be made. -If the Guild Master decides to expand the capacity for the guild, he does not need to disband the guild and recreate. All he needs to do is to pay the full cost for that capacity. -When a guild is dissolved, anyone from that guild cannot create a new guild within 168 hours, or cannot join another guild within 72 hours after leaving, being expelled, or disbanding the guild. -To speak to members of your guild, precede your messages with @ in the message window. Any text following it @ will be sent towards the channel of guild. You can set your chat to guild only by click the Guild button to the left of the chat window or by pressing Home until Guild is highlighted. -Each 10k worth of experience equals 1 guild point. Guild points are used to level up a guild and buy positions. -Guild points can only be managed by the leader at the NPC Lionel in Elim. Guild Rank -Member :Based on Guild Capacity. -Baron :Half the Members, min level 50. -Count :Half the Barons, min level 60. -Marquis:Half the Counts, min level 75. -Duke :Half the Marquises, min level 90. -Master :only one. Guild Emblem Creation
Here is a list of emblem faces and backgrounds along with prices. GP Means Guild Points (Received by members who donated exp). To have an emblem, the guild must be Level 3 and above. Emblems can only be created by the Guild Master. Requirement for Guild Wars -Only Guild Master with level 4 and above guild can register for Guild Wars. -Can only invite the guilds with level 3 and above (in other word, only level 3+ guild may participated in the Guild Wars, however level 3 and below guild may not register for Guild Wars). -You will need at least 6 participants. If during the battle, the particpant number is less than six, the appropriate guild will automatically lose. Before the Guild Wars -Before the battle starts, both side can discuss on how much to put the bet for the reward for the winner, the bet can range from the minimum of 1 million to the maximum of 1 billion. -The bidding is optional. The Order of Guild Wars Speak to the Dung King to learn how to start a guild battle. He is located in the southeast corner of Elim City at the Order of Knights. There are 2 ways to challenge a battle: 1. In the guild menu, right click guild battle. Use the guild battle window to enter you opponent guild's name. 2. Right click on the opponent's guild member/ guild mater's character to challenge a battle. Guild War Request Guild A master invites Guild B master to join Guild Wars. Accepting Guild B master accepts the challenge. Terms of War Both Guild A and Guild B masters will be teleported to the Waiting Map to talk to a NPC to start making the desire setting/map for Guild Wars. After the setting is done, both masters will be sent to the Guild Wars Map. You'll only have 5 minutes to prepare, and your guild members will be summoned. Calling the Cavalry The members of the 2 guilds will have have a window appear asking if they wished to join the Guild Wars.
To War! Once the members have accepted the challenge as well, they can be teleported to the Guild Wars Map from the Waiting Map by talking with the NPC called Battleline at the Battle gate to enter the map Guild members that weren't logged in can participate in the battle as lon as they log in whithin the wait time. Guild Wars Types -Death Match No rules whatsoever, just kill the other team to increase KO points. The battle will end when the KO point total is reached or if time runs out! -Pride of the Guild (Capture the Flag concept) Players will bring the ‘Stone of Pride’ (temp. name) to either the starting point of their own base or enemy’s to exchange for the KO point; if the player brought their ‘Stone of Pride’ to their own base, it will add 10 KO points to them, if the player brought the ‘Pride of Stone’ to the enemy base, it will drop 30 KO points for the enemy. 1. To get the stone, destroy the Symbolic Objects in the map. 2. Each player may only carry one stone at a time. 3. When a player carries the stone, his/her moving speed will go down to a ridiculously level, around -200 mspd. Generally it'd be better to give it to a knight/cleric since the protecting of the stone carrier is essential. 4. If the player carrying the stone died before exchanging for point, the stone will disappear. Guild Wars Maps Waiting Map This is the map where the guild master will make the setting and where the members will stay before entering the map for real battle.
Death Match Maps The below are the maps that can be selected when playing Death Match mode Ancient Battlefield
The Ultimate Battlefield
Field of Dream
Pride of Guild Maps The below are the maps that can be selected when playing Pride of the Guild mode. Icy Battlefield
Result of the Guild Wars
-When the battle ends, the side with the most KO point will be the winners -If the guild master surrendered before the battle ended, the guild will lose regardless of their KO points. -If when the battle ended both side had the same amount of KO points, it will be a draw and a final battle will start after that; whichever side gained a certain amount of KO points (the amount can be set) will be the winners. -When a guild lost, the bidding they had made will be instantly transferred to the other guild’s guild storage.
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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Private Server

For you who tired in SEAL Online Indonesia, you can try private server one like FFZ or SEAL AI WO that use unreadable languages, free item mall, high Exp rate, High Drop rate. But it hard to play because you can't find equipment that you need, so try harder in SEAL Online Indonesia. if you want to play easier you can try server arus where veteran, rich people, and expensinve equipment waiting for you.

Happy Easter Day everyone, may the God bless you to get more gem in SEAL Online.

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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Manual G

A Manual can make your equipment get stronger by adding damage and defend in percent. The maximal one was 11 % for every equip refined. here the requirement:
For anyone whose level above 150 need .G/.DG/.XG equipment.

Friday, March 23, 2012

SEAL ONLINE Leveling Guidance

This time i re begin again from level 0, for my first Character in this new ID i am choosing Craftsman Job. Why i choose that one? Its necessary for us because craftsman need less cost to hunt instead of my favorite character Clown/Jester Character. Beside that when we got equipments, armours, and weapons from the bale we can direct Appraise that things, hopefully i am lucky enough to get good option from appraise it. If got a good option on it, we can use it for our next character or self using it on this character. About this craftman skill, i will post it on my next acrticle someday.

Ok, lets we begin. After i done my first leveling step, i went hunting in Silon Forest hunting Red Plumber. This is the first important part for me to hunt because i am looking for Bat Guy Mask (BGM), Jewelery (Crystal Ruby), and also weapons and armour that suit and use by your character on certain level, and hard shell (sturdy shell) for me doing first quest in low quest manager to increase my reputation from brute to vandal.

BGM is important for any jobs in shiltz especially if we got a good option on it such as attack speed ASPD (best is ASPD 10 hehehe) that will increase our character attacking speed, if we have bad option just give it to the our pet so that pet will grow up quick. About this pet, (you can see on the lowest right corner on screen shoot) please beware and pay attention to feed it up when it hungry, otherwise it will died and you gonna loose the opportunity to raised and make the perfect pet to accompany you during your adventure on seal online.

And also you can (if we have no money (cegel)) sell that good option BGM, and Jewelery on the market in town (by opening seller kiosk on your basic skill) with a good prize of course, so you earn your first big cegel. Please DO NOT SELL that Good item things and Jewelery on the street merchant because if you sell it on her, you will lost your opportunity to get big cegel wkwkwkkw.

This is my first way to earn big Cegel on the game beside i am always collecting all of the garbage dropped by the bale to sell it on the street merchant to buy my potion (blood) at one blow. Alwyas remember that you have to always collecting all the garbage to earn cegel for your existing in the game. Ok, after i Got my BGM and Jewelery, i sell it on the market. After that i am continuing my leveling there until level 20.

After reach 20 i do my first quest to the lower central mission in town (i Chose Elim) to increase my reputation by surrendering the 300 hardshell that i have got before and get Vandal reputation. After that i deviated slightly from my guidance to the Travia Valley hunting Cranky Rooster seek for chicken costume for my next character clown/jester. Do you know why? Because i am start over again from the earlier beginning with no cegel at all to buy anything on the market, so i have to re applied it again to my self as my explanation above.

Got that things, then i move to the Upstream of Mimir River hunting for Flying Pig seek for Batwings which is also important to increase our attack speed. You can Imagine how hard this little craftsman job to support and build my jester hahaha... that's why craftsman is also very important character in all of my ID because of its many useful function. If this craftsman has reach a certain level, it can help you to make or refine your armours, weapons, or accessory such BGM, Necklace to a premium class G/DG/XG.

Ok back to the topic, After i got both of them, i am moving back again to the midstream of mimir river. Hunting for Happy Bah Bah, Gloomy Humbug, Crow, Forest Ogre, Traveling Cat in Boots, Glora and Flora to seek for Ruby, Crystal, necklace crow for my jester, piya egg to sell, who knows if i am lucky get the very rare cats boots wkwkkw, 4 leaf clover, mithril and also Eye ball. That last three things is for my next quest on level 46 to increase my reputation from vandal to recruit. Why i keep doing this hunting method on this area until level 46 instead of moving as i have describe here? The Answer is because i need to earn and raise my cegel for my existing on the game in my new ID. And on this hunting spot is more easy to get the ruby and crystal, and also collecting garbage for my high level quest on Zaid town.

On Level 46, i goes to Zaid Town to take jobs on high level quest manager by surrendering the Eyes item which i got from the crow only. There are many item you can choose to surrender on the quest, such as Bones from skullo at the clement mine, titanium from golden plunger in the west laymok forest, mithrill and 4 leaf clover from forest ogre, steel plate from steel golem on the ends land. That is my favorite item for Quest. You dont have to hunt for that items if you have cegel, just buy it from the market, and complete that quest until you got reputation to recruit.

If you have read it, this is the steps that i will share. Pls pay attention on this guiding and follow step by step on the monster name, i already sorted it as the approximately your level ability and equipment (Normal +6 Non Premium G/DG/XG).

Level 1-10 Book Quest

Level 10-16 Silon Forest
beating red plumber only.

Level 16-30 Midstream mimir river
beating Happy Bah Bah, Gloomy Humbug, Crow, Forest Ogre, Traveling Cat in Boots, Glora and Flora.

Level 30-35 Travia Mountain
beating Samba Cactus, Conceited Ostrich, Sandy Windy, Meow-magician

Level 35-40 Travia Mountain
beating Conceited Ostrich

Level 40-45 Travia Mountain
beating Sandy windy, meo magician

Level 45-50 Cross Lake
beating Saloa, White Stiff Horse. Do not Mr. cat fish and Gun!!!

Level 50-55 East Sealed island
beating (Giant) Red Plumber, (Naive) Succubus, (Naive) Incubus

Level 55-60 East Sealed island
beating Saloa, Peroa.

Level 60-65 you can go to Herkaus forest or Lake Cross again.

Herkaus Forest beating Head of Dullahan, Body of Dullahan, Succubus, Incubus Kinbara, and Dullahan.
Cross Lake beating Mr.Catfish and Gun.

Level 65-70 West sealed island
beating Warrior Kinbara, Sergeant Scorpy, (Land Type) High Nixie, Violent Sandy Windy.

Level 70-80 You can go to Downstream of Glasis River or Sealed Island cave in west of sealed island

Downstream of Glasis River beating Queen Meroa, Solar, Fanatic High Nixie, Bubble Dragon.

West Sealed Island cave beating Mutated Aleph, Abuca, and Broken Railor.

Level 80-95 you can go to Aleph dungeon / Downstream of Glasis River

Aleph Dungeon 1st floor beating Platinum Plumber, Cankura, Creepy Humbug, TNT Skullo, and Ghost Midnight

Aleph Dungeon 2nd floor beating Ghost Midnight, Sphin-x-cor, Chainsaw Zombie, Knight of All-Evil (KOE). You must finished the sephia grandma and Eoow in the zaid town. About this quest i will give you later on my next post.

Downstream of Glasis River beating Rayshark the 3rd, Bubble Dragon, Giant Octopus, Lizzard Man, Crack Crab.

Level 95-110 Cross Forest
beating Wood Wood, Gariel, Mariel, and Holy Cow.

Level 110-120 7 Dimension Zone
On this place you have to finish the 7 dimension quest first. If you not finished yet, you can't enter the zone. About the quest it self, i will posted later on my next post.

From this level above, i hope that you have already using a premium class weapons, armor and accessories, because from this level its begin the hard step for beating the monster. Please use minimal G degree, very good if DG or best at XG.

Level 120-130 Death Forest and catacombs 1st,2nd,3rd floor
For Knight i think you better go to the Cross Forest again to fight against Cross Gear. But remember you have to beat OHM first to enter. Ask help from your friends to open the OHM. But you can enter without defeating OHM but still get some damage. first, sroll your mouse and make your sight from above your character and try to move your mouse until a smile sign appear in your mouse around the OHM back than click it.

Level 130-140 East Red soil From Elim Town.

Level 140-150 West Red soil and North Poibus

Level 150-160 South poibus

Level 160-180 Sikara Valley

Level 180-190 Dungeon of death 1st floor

Level 190-210 Dungeon of death 2nd floor

Level 210-251 Anastassys.
For go to the Anastassys you must take the quest first. About this quest, i will post later on my new post.

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

SEAL Online 2nd Classes

every class can be promoted to the 2nda classes whenever you reach level 150 above. Talk to morphis when you want to be promoted, make sure you have 1 Diamond and 750k cegel. Here some tips that i can give you today:

Warrior: you can become blademaster(swordmaster) that focus at combo attack or barbarian(berserker) that use highest damage skill. It will be good for you to become barbarian that easy to hunt monster and become blademaster when you reach level 200 or higher for pvp(player versus player)>

Knight: can be promoted to paladin(defender) or destroyer(renegade). paladin uses area skill and the highes defend from all classes, but all paladin's skill not better than destroyer. destroyer use single impact skill but can use one area skill later. paladin make you easier when hunting monster and destroyer was great in pvp.

Clown/Jester: can be promoted to trickster(gambler) or assassin. trickster use range attack and card skill that can be use for monster hunting and assassin can be use for pvp. trickster has the longest attack range and assassin specialist with stunt skill, blink, and fastest for chasing enemy.

Mage: can be promoted to freezer(ice wizard) and burner(fire wizard). both freezer and burnr was great for monster hunting but freezer has faster skill casting and slowing enemy that good for pvp. Even assassin can't reach freezer easily.

Cleric/Priest: can be promoted to prophet(templar) or priest(apostle). Priest just give some buff to other party that can help specially in accuracy but can't fight at all,but prophet can buff himself anda combat enemy. Prophet a little bit hard to play because it only use combo an 1 attacking skill at first, but his bonus exp while in a party is the biggest one.

Craftman: can be promoted to smith or bomber(demolisher). bomber was great for pvp and hunting but have worse luck in refining, making, and upgrading equipment than smith. it would be best if you become smith later when you reach level 200++, become smith can give you a better future by selling some equipment in high price.

hunter(not provided in Indoinesia yet): can be promoted to gunner or archer. archer was great for hunting specially using wide area skill but not strong enough when get hit. Gunner was great both in pvp or hunting but low in accuracy. Gunner use rifle and bullet and strangth as main status, while archer use bow and arrow and inteligent as main status.

If i must choose i will use barbarian, destroyer, freezer, trickster, smith(i want to be rich ^^), prophet, and gunner. i don't really like area attack and it was bored when you become priest.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Laptop as Student’s Friends

Conventionally, students need book, pen, eraser, drawing book, ruler and such other stuff. Additionally, in this multimedia era, students need more to reach their progressive development. Students need mobile keyboards to record every presented subject easily. Of course it will need more cost but it will deserve for its function.

First, modern schools tend to apply fast transferring knowledge because the school needs to catch the target of curriculum. Every subject will tend to be given in demonstrative method. Consequently students need extra media cover the subject. Since there is a laptop on every student’s desk, this method will help student to get better understanding.

Secondly, finding an appropriate laptop is not difficult as it was. Recently there is an online shop which provides comprehensive information. The best is that the shop has service of online shopping. The students just need to brows that online shop, decide which computer or laptop they need, and then complete the transaction. After that the laptop will be delivered to the students’ houses. That is really easy and save time and money.

From all of that, having mobile computer is absolutely useful for students who want to catch the best result for their study. Buying laptop online is advisable because it will cut the price. This online way is recommended since online shop also provides several laptop types . Students just need to decide which type they really need.